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Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.


"Your total monthly bandwidth usage in May is 100.81 GB with an average cost of $0.0111 per GB." - a lot of this is coming from Plume, when I post all the Plume servers pull in the header image


Data Shit - At some point I injected duplicate and triplicate posts in to LiveJournal and now I can see it rolling through Plume. I have some cleaning to do.


Just finished writing my doc on how I'm using Parabola to export LJ to Plume


I documented how I've been using the API to create and list posts, hopefully somebody might find it useful if they're on the same adventure as I am


I'm waiting for the last job and start the next to finish before I'm able to go to bed, but I've loaded in about 800 posts out of 6.471 in to Plume


I remembered a while ago that I used Parabola to manage some data, and well, long story short, that's how I crashed by Plume server at 2 requests a minute


It looks like I've nearly hit the point where I need the Plume database, I suspect in the next 15 minutes


I'm starting to use Plume's blog function to start splitting things in to categories (in effect), one of the things I created was AI Storytime and I didn't realise it isn't as obvious that I'm not the writer of this content. Bit of an oops but the blog description is where the deets are at


Anyways, I should probably resume doing that thing with my old LJ entries in Plume


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