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Boys, I can't that playlist, uhhhhhhh


Guys, he's sprayed some axe and honestly 14 year old me can't contain


Butter on the table not that fridge butter that is cold. We're in Europe FFS


The techno Italians are back and quite frankly these legs spread like butter right now


That awkward moment when you've been rude to your neighbour because you just woke up but you want his dick so bad you're jealous he's having a party and you're not there


I think I'm brain dead from poking around in HTML files everywhere and copy pasting content between the two sites. Pretty happy with New and I've archived the old one at I might actually use Yellow to churn out static files so I don't need to keep the PHP scripts up to date.


Anyways, outside of my internet being as unreliable as possible. I've been able to learn quite a bit about SPIP, granted it doesn't seem I have done anything


J'ai toujours eu un service correct de la part de Free jusqu'à je déménage à moins de 1,5km de la 6ème et soudainement c'est la merde. Je n'ai plus d'internet fonctionnel ("pertes impactantes de signal") et Free Proxi ne servent à rien


schtroumpf [fr_sc] this is an interesting choice for a language selection


I've temporarily taken down and broken every link as I'm trying out SPIP. Yellow is nice but I don't think it's meeting my desires and needs in full


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