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I've had to change the titles in the LJ Import, I have far too many non-unique subjects and taking far too long to prepare the batch. I relegated the subject to the subtitle and using a generic subject with the LJ ID


Christ all mighty - 17.35 GB is what the CDN has dished out, that is literally thousands of times the normal rate. I suspect this is because of the import I'm doing as I'm getting lots of hits for the header images




It seems that my old blogger blog is not under my google account, so exporting that à la main again. Why did I have so many blogs in the mid 2000s ? What is wrong with past me ?


I'm naming 2006 as my Yahoo! Fanboi year



Laptop away, that's it for today. I'll look at the whole typepad problem tomorrow


At least you get to see the amazing header I photoshopped in 2006


Dipped in to the archive, and nope, not a single one of these is crossposted :cry-emoji:


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