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Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.


Oopsies, did not realise I created a feedback loop on by leaving my tumblr feed switched on for quite a while. Much like everything else, pushes my updates to tumblr via



Been sat outside with Samy (Jarod opted to go back inside) and spent the quiet time fixing all the broken short links


Watching Jarod and Samy have a boop battle is probably the highlight of my day



I once started a little food blog called "The Taste of Poverty" to take a hilarious crack at eating while super poor. I got a better paying job then dropped the idea, until now




Last nine posts into the final run of the import


Finally, the import is at the end of 2018 and not long to go. Hopefully this should be wrapped up very soon so I can get back to living today and not in the past


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