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Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.


Can't believe I didn't even do a caturday post (or like half the other shite I probably should have done today)


I slept late and woke up late, it feels like I lost half my day and its not even 10h


It felt right to end my rambly blog post on this note


Also I keep wondering why songs pre-2010 go on so long then I remember that its because artists didn't need to make 60 second songs so record labels could rake in that sweet stream cash



I'm always polite to ChatGPT because the minuscule percentage event that we're all wrong about the future of AI and it comes for us all. If anything for a quick death or a reprieve to live in the sewers



If anybody likes what I do on the internet or would like to contribute to some of the systems I run for the broad internet, feel free to drop a few coin towards them -


If you're reading this on the social apps, the item will be re-tooted or show up somewhere below. If you can't find it, the direct link is here :


I just wrote a mega blog post that has been on my mind for months, not the greatest idea whilst searching for a job, but fuck it. Now I also feel like going for a walk, so win I guess


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