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Based in Paris, I run a Wildcat! BBS like it's the early 90s. J'écris les choses sur internet en texte brut.



Data Shit - At some point I injected duplicate and triplicate posts in to LiveJournal and now I can see it rolling through Plume. I have some cleaning to do.



3069 articles posted and another 3k to go. The data file is up to 2007, the posts are pretty heavy until 2010 then after that start rolling down, there are a couple years with a large date gaps (thankfully)


Final two batches of the day and I've made it from 2003 to mid 2006. Only another decade or so to go


Speaking of the future, Bezos Server is going to be shutdown. I'm moving traffic on to one of the relays, then I escape the EC2 for good


More non-data news, dum dum over here didn't set up IPv6 right and now its set up on the relays correctly. We're living in the future now kids


In non-data related news, I recently got my invite to and last night they took over my supply. More than happy to give TotalEnergies the doigt d'honneur they rightfully deserve


Jarod is outside screaming at the world because I won't let him go through the bins outside or break in to the restaurant kitchen to eat what they've got


Blast from the past, I got access to my account from 2004 and now the indicator is on my site


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